Su Mei Yu Residence
La Jolla, California |
This residential addition concerned a house surrounded by dense eucalyptus groves to the east and south. The addition to the existing structure is a distinct volume that encompasses the original without obliterating it. Inside the new walls, the old house remains, windows and doors removed, but bright green siding still intact. The ground between the two is filled with gravel, allowing the original structure to take on the attributes of a precious artifact, almost as if were uncovered by cultural archeologists. The resulting layering of walls, and the juxtaposition of old and new structure, allows a gallery like examination of 50's suburban typology.

Published in Dwell Magazine (October 2000), San Diego Home/Garden (July 2000), Architecture Magazine (April 2001) and New American Additions and Renovations (Whitney Library of Design, 2001)

Recipient of an American Institute of Architecture San Diego, Award of Merit, 2000

Photography by David Hewitt and Anne Garrison Architectural Photography